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Discursive essay
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Today’s Technology

      In this modern world, many people cannot survive without the aid of advanced technology. From cell phones to computers to medical machines, we rely on these things on a daily basis. It is difficult to imagine life without the internet and other conveniences. However, as much as it made our lives easier, it made it more complicated too.   

There are several advantages of advanced technology. One example is education. Students and teachers use computer technology for research and education, which allows a person to get a lot of knowledge and makes it much more efficient as information and learning materials can be accessed through the internet. Another advantage is applicable in business, where people network easily with clients and colleagues. Other benefits include job creation, and entertainment. All of those things make our lives much easier.

On the other hand, we have many disadvantages too.   For example, one of the reasons that unemployment is on the rise is the advancement of technology. In a world that robots and machines are taking over the workforce, many people are losing their jobs. In addition, most machines are too complex for people to use. Another disadvantage is the loss of privacy. Although information technology may have made communication quicker and easier, it also gives an opportunity for hackers to intercept cell phone signals or hack emails. Despite the negative aspect of technology, many people still want it to grow even more. They feel that the benefits outgrow the setbacks.

In conclusion, the world changed many times in the last few years and continues to change at a rapid pace. Therefore, every person has to make a decision on his own how much they want to advance along with it.

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