Gta San Andreas

Topics: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV, Rockstar Games Pages: 6 (1445 words) Published: October 21, 2012
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Import / ExportGrand Theft Auto III introduced Import Export Garages, Vice City used this in the Sunshine Auto's Asset and San Andreas has turned this into one of the main sources of finding the vehicle you want in the game. In GTA San Andreas you have to deliver 30 vehicles to the Import Export crane at Easter Basin Docks. You will need to use the crane to pick up the vehicles and drop them onto the ship in the red marker. You'll earn huge amounts of cash for the vehicles if they are in good condition however some of these vehicles are very hard to find. Until now. This guide will explain the vehicles you need, where they are parked and screenshots will show what they look like and their locations. The I/E Crane will be unlocked after you finish Cesar's Missions for the Garage and you'll need to complete all three lists before you're rewarded fully with percent. After you deliver each car, a new vehicle will be available for importing. You can only import vehicles on the day they are listed under on the chalk board at the end of the dock and they of course cost quite a bit. Read on for the vehicle locations.

Please Note: Most of these vehicles only spawn in these locations while they are required on the current list at Easter Basin Docks. If you're not on the right list, chances are the vehicle won't spawn there. If a vehicle is not there when you first check, run around the block and check again. You may need to do this a few times before the game spawns the vehicle. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image of the vehicle. Click on the underlined green location text for a screenshot of the location. You can also click on the thumbnail just below and view all locations of the vehicles on the game map. Clicking on the vehicle text will pop up with a screenshot of the location. | List 1 |

● PatriotParked Locations * Easter Basin, San Fierro - Inside the Naval Base. (Instant 5 Star Wanted Level) * Easter Bay Chemicals, San Fierro - Inside the parking lot. * Restricted Area, Desert - To the East side near the planes and helicopters. (Instant 5 Star Wanted Level)Cash For Mint Condition * $40,000| | | ● SanchezParked Locations * Mount Chiliad, Countryside - Parked next to a hut at the end of the Chiliad Challenge Race. * Angel Pine, Countryside - Parked right next to the hut which has a save icon next to it. * Hunter Quarry, Desert - At the bottom of the Quarry next to a piece of machinery.Cash For Mint Condition * $10,000| ● StretchParked Locations * Hashbury, San Fierro - Directly behind Wang Cars and next to the Pay N' SprayCash For Mint Condition * $40,000| | | ● FeltzerParked Locations * Flint Country, Countryside - The Feltzer will randomly spawn in the car park marked by the large grey square on the radar on the bottom right coastline of Flint Country.Cash For Mint Condition * $35,000| ●...
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