Growth of India's Public Expenditure

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  • Published: December 17, 2012
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Q.1 : Explain the meaning, importance and objectives of public expenditure. Ans. MEANING OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE:-
Public Expenditure refers to Government Expenditure. It is incurred by Central and State Governments. The Public Expenditure is incurred on various activities for the welfare of the people and also for the economic development, especially in developing countries. In other words The Expenditure incurred by Public authorities like Central, State and local governments to satisfy the collective social wants of the people is known as public expenditure.

A.       NEED I IMPORTANCE/ SIGNIFICANCE OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE :- In modern economic activities public expenditure has to play an important role. It helps to accelerate economic growth and ensure economic stability. Public Expenditure can promote economic development as follows :- 1.        To promote rapid economic development.

2.        To promote trade and commerce.
3.        To promote rural development
4.        To promote balanced regional growth
5.        To develop agricultural and industrial sectors 6.        To build socio-economic overheads eg. roadways, railways, power etc. 7.        To exploit and develop mineral resources like coal and oil. 8.        To provide collective wants and maximise social welfare. 9.        To promote full - employment and maintain price stability. 10.      To ensure an equitable distribution of income. Thus public expenditure has to create and maintain conditions conducive to economic development. It has to improve the climate for investment. It should provide incentives to save, invest and innovate. B.       OBJECTIVES OF PUBLIC EXPENDITURE :-

The major objectives of public expenditure are
1)             Administration of law and order and justice. 2)             Maintenance of police force.
3)             Maintenance of army and provision for defence goods. 4)             Maintenance of diplomats in foreign countries.       5)             Public...
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