Grouping the Gifted Children

Topics: Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Inferiority complex Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Jihyang Park
ELI 73(001)
Paper 2 – Academic Writing(draft 1)

Grouping the Gifted Children
The articles talk about grouping gifted children. In his article entitled “Grouping the Gifted: pro” Kenneth Mott claims that we should do grouping gifted children. Second article “Grouping the Gifted: con” Bruno Bettelheim claims that Grouping the gifted children has some cons. According to Kenneth Mott ‘Gifted’ means that pupils of average intelligence who have exceptional ability in art or music, or it may refer to the child with an IQ of 135 who excels in everything. The author of “Grouping the Gifted: con” claims that we should group them as nearly as possible according to interest and ability and challenge them with a type of program that will help them to grow to the fullest extent of their abilities and capacities. One of the basic arguments against grouping the gifted is the fear of creating a caste of intellectual snobs. Similarly, some educators fear that the average and slow students would come to regard themselves as inferior. But Kenneth Mott said that these” fears are groundless because encouraging gifted debaters, musicians, artists, and writers to develop their special talents dose not create envy or feelings of inferiority among less talented students.” Also many educators believe that grouping does not affect achievement significantly. They believe the pilot studies which indicate that no significant change in achievement results when children are separated into slow and accelerated classes. However the author do not believe the studies because it was just based on IQ scores.

In my opinion we should do grouping gifted children for students’ development. I agree with

In conclusion,
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