Group Research Project: Education and Occupations

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 6 (1914 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Sam Last
Mr. Toms
Race & Ethnicity
21 November, 2012
Group Research Project: Education and Occupations
For this course the class chose a research project that incorporated one’s race and ethnicity with different aspects of their lives. The aspects focused on in the class project were as follows: education, occupation, crime, and social status. The purpose of this paper is to present data to determine if a person’s race and/or ethnicity affect their opportunities in education and/or in their occupation. Results for determining the correlation between these aspects were derived from literary sources, research, and collected data. This paper will examine literature sources that identify connections between the effects of race and ethnicity on one’s education and occupation. A description of the research process will also be included to provide evidence to support the legitimacy of the conclusions established. The final piece covered in this paper is the analysis of the data collected to interoperate it, the data, as it relates to the topic being studied.

Literary sources provide a starting point in understanding the idea of race and ethnicity being related to education and occupations. Once source chosen to analyze the relationship between race and education was a research article constructed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation titled “Unequal Opportunities in Education.” This article discusses the opportunities available to minority races opposed to the majority race. The article suggests that minority groups are given less opportunities to succeed in education than the majority group. As stated in the article the most critical factors to effectively promote student success include: quality teachers, smaller class sizes, access to high quality after-school programs, advanced curricula, and modern learning facilities. All of which minority groups are likely to be deprived of more than majority groups. It is also suggested in the article that systematic policies, practices and stereotypes are set up to work against youth of color to affect their opportunity for achieving educational success. In addition, this article covers barriers that are set in place to prohibit equal opportunity among students of different races. The facts to support this acquisition are placed in the following categories: ongoing racial segregation, unequal school resources, unequal academic opportunities, differential teacher quality, and differential discipline. Ongoing racial segregation reveals the educational segregation of African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans specifically. It is shown that areas, mostly urban, with higher rates of crime and mischievous behavior tend to have more minority students. This statistical research ties into school for minorities having unequal resources as opposed to schools that have students that in are in the predominant racial group. Students in high-poverty racially segregated schools are not exposed to high-quality curricula, highly qualified teachers, or important social networks. Due to these students not having these resources they are unable/unprepared to have equal academic opportunities. The article reveals that white students in majority are more than twice as likely to be offered a significant number of advanced placement classes as schools where African American and Latino students are the majority. This fact is partially due to the lack of resources available to minority students an also due to the fact schools with minority students as the majority have less qualified teachers normally. Schools with the highest percentage of minority, limited-English proficient and low-income students are more likely to employ beginning teacher or teachers with no certification. This article’s research shows multiple ways in which educational opportunities differ depending on race. The article also explains the consequences of having unequal educational opportunities, one of which being different...
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