Green Roofs

Topics: Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: March 7, 2013
FEM – Green Roof –10 minutes / 15 slides
QUESTIONDescription of Assignment: From day 1, students will be asked to develop a group report, which will be due on the last day of this course. The end goal is to use the foundations of economics covered in the course to identify, analyse and propose how to enter one selected fast expanding market, which might not be visible to a mere macroeconomic analysis.The deliverable – a professional consulting report where one selected Fast Expanding Market is identified, analysed and assessed from an economic perspective, and where strategic value can be measured through the use of economically friendly instruments. Presentations will be held on the last day of class.Quality Indicators (how will it be graded; what constitutes a good assignment): The following are indicators of quality expected:• Depth of research• Feasibility of the project• Ability to use economics to assess strategic opportunities• Macro- and Microeconomic determinants capacity building through critical analysis• Real life value (more will be disclosed)|

1. Model – Rudy * What are Green Roofs * Why it exists – scientific viability: energy saving , water saving, thermal insulation, etc, etc. - What market does the FEM address….. * why and where is it a FEM - supporting figures…Chicago * which came first – infrastructure developments or the FEM 2. The Chicago FEM Commercials – an assessment of the commercial viability of this cluster – Helina * * * * Cost comparison: commercial model ie how much they cost for the end consumer to compared to traditional roofs * work out PV of the green roof model * While the benefits are limited….suggesting legislative support, which we will cover later…. 3. The Chicago Green Roof cluster - Micro Economics (green roofing industry) – Andres * How did the FEM evolve - the development of the market place * Stakeholder Analysis (suppliers, buyers): supply chain analysis :...
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