Green Revolution vs. Organic Farming

Topics: Agriculture, Organic farming, Industrial agriculture Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Emily Mosquera
Dr. Pamela Haley
AP Human Geography
5 April 2013
The Green Revolution refers to the application of modern, western-type farming techniques to less economically developed countries. Organic farming is a type of agriculture that uses natural forms of growing crops. In this essay I will address the comparative similarities and differences between The Green Revolution and organic farming. The Green Revolution occurred between the 1940’s and 1970’s. It consisted of using genetically modified seeds, pesticides, hormone insertion into animals, and the requirement of an irrigation system. The idea for The Green Revolution was noble: to eliminate mass famine in developing countries. It allowed for a huge increase in crops, thus, improving the average farmers’ salary. The Green revolution was the cause for Asian countries’ GDP income to almost double in just two decades and allowed poverty to shrink a substantial amount despite the population growth happening. The Green Revolution also permitted for better nutrition and for more food consumption because the price of food went down due to the plethora of it thus, people became more and more unhealthy. People lost their traditional food and had a varied diet. But of course with a revolution of this degree has to have been some type of negative impact. Researchers have charged The Green Revolution with environmental degradation. Critics of the Green Revolution argued that owners of large farms were the main adopters of the new technologies because of their better access to irrigation water, fertilizers, seeds and credit. Small farmers were either unaffected or harmed because the Green Revolution resulted in lower product prices, higher input prices, and efforts by landlords to increase rents or force tenants off the land. They also argue that The Green Revolution heartened the needless overuse of mechanization, in doing so, forcing down rural wages and employment. Organic farming is the contrary of the...
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