Green Construction

Topics: Green building, Sustainability, Deconstruction Pages: 5 (1772 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Research Question: Why are new green building materials better than those that commonly exist from previous methods of construction?

Applying the Green Matter to Construction

Why does that one unique house in your area seem to be different than each stereotypical residence design? It could be because of the green building concepts that were used for its construction, seen as there are essentially countless sustainable practices being applied to construction in the world today. The major sections of innovation in the building industry will be touched upon briefly so that the reader has a basic understanding of what exactly is happening with these “green” structures. The importances of green building materials are that they are healthier for the environment than those that commonly exist from previous methods of construction. (GBM, n.d., 1)

Sustainable development is the challenge of meeting growing human needs for natural resources, industrial products, energy, food, transportation, shelter, and effective waste management while conserving and protecting environmental quality and the natural resource base essential for future life and development. (Sharma, 2011, 658-659) Solar Heating

The first and one of the most important sections regards solar heating. The use of solar panels creates a home that can consume about fifty or more percent less energy than a normal house (GBP, n.d., 1). Each and every day there are housing owners who request “zero energy” places of living, which can produce more energy than it consumes in one year (GBP, n.d., 1). Also in the solar category is keeping the heat in with mechanical ventilation and the use of high-quality windows (GBP, n.d., 1). These new materials are saving us energy as a result of being put into the construction methods today. As part of the green construction process, I have learned that it is very common to see the building materials change to achieve the new qualities that are sought. It is important that our materials conform to what is the best for nature. Interior Finishing

Another section that is commonly changed for green construction is the interior finishing. Builders are using practices that lower toxicity of materials that are used to finish inside, which helps the health of the inhabitants (GBP, n.d., 1). The materials being used have little to no volatile organic compounds, which can give off emissions that have negative effects towards humans (GBP, n.d., 1). It is important to note that not only are these finishing materials healthier, but they are more durable for the long run of wear and tear on the structure. It seems that recycled and renewable sources of wood flooring, carpeting, and wall paint are taking over building in this century. This is brilliant, because our world is finally taking common building materials and making them healthier. Each and every house on the street can be improved to omit less harmful chemicals from building materials. Siding, Decking, Roofing

Common siding, decking, and roofing practices are sections that contribute to sustainability. Siding and decking materials can be found locally, which is still sustainability in the sense of “cradle to grave” (GBP, n.d., 1). This helps cut shipping costs which use large trucks that pollute the air. Sidings and decks around a sustainable house are more fire-resistant, along with the roof, which accounts for better weather resistance as well (GBP, n.d., 1). Long life shingles, sturdy roof trusses, and even physically green roofs help make this section to be sustainable (GBP, n.d., 1). By physically green roofs, it is meant that there can be vegetation on a roof, which is basically the epitome of a sustainable roof. Now, structures can actually produce for the environment, which is innovation at its finest. The idea of vegetation on building structures bedazzles me, just as it should make everyone excited because the mere fact that we are thinking green more and...
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