Greek Mythology Reflective Essay

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Mythological Influence in Today’s Society – Reflective Essay        I’ve always thought myths were irrelevant. Dead, even. Things that no one thought were more than just stories made up by old dead people when they were bored, without any real purpose. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Through analysing numerous parts of Greek mythology, watching Harry Potter, and then putting our knowledge together with the mythology photo essay, I have come to learn that myths are anything but dead in modern society. They indeed have a very large impact on modern society. They live in our western culture, lives, perspectives and ways of thinking, as well as names of companies, games, and other things. Among the vast amount of aspects of Greek mythology that have been integrated in our modern world, the name Pandora chosen for the jewellery company and books, such as “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, stand out the most to me.        Throughout this unit, I have learned that very many companies’ names are derived from Greek mythology. These include Hercules (Heracles), Poseidon Seafood, Amazon, Pandora, Medusa (the cement company), Nike, Odyssey Cruise Lines, Trident gum, and many others. All of these companies have given me insight about why companies would choose these names, where they came from, and what they wanted their company to be like. Among these companies, Pandora stood out the most. On the surface, this name seemed to be always seemed like a unique, thoughtful name, even when I had no idea what the background to it was. Because this name seems to be mysterious and have a deeper meaning behind it, I came to like the company more and regard it as superior, with high quality products. After digging down and finding the root of what the company’s visions are, I have discovered a whole new world below the surface, full of deeper meanings hidden behind a word.  I think that these names, because of a semi-hidden deeper meaning, attract more customers,...
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