Greek Mythology

Topics: Greek mythology, Medusa, Athena Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Caitlin Cook 7B
Greek mythology personal narrative
Monstrous Medusa
I am a product of a jealous goddess. I once was a beautiful maiden with beautiful, long, golden hair and golden wings. I am the youngest of the gorgons and my two older sisters are Stheno and Euryale. My mother was Ceto. My father was Phorcys. When I met Poseidon, he took advantage of me and took me to Athena’s temple. She was enraged by what I was doing with Poseidon. So she turned me into the monstrous Medusa who can’t look into anyone’s eyes without turning them to stone. Athena made me turn all men into stone but not women. She never wants me to feel love again. When I was turned into this monster, my sisters took me to my new home where we plan to avenge for what she did to me. That is when I discovered the idea of starting my own statuette shop. For months, I was looking for the perfect place for my collection. Till one day, there was a little garden place and I was so happy when I came in. I knew it was destiny so I killed all the women and children with my babies and started the collection of my statuettes of men. After months of stoning men and killing women and children, I started to feel lonely after a while. So I was decided to explore for more exotic men who were heroes or maybe I can turn a god to stone. But, before I go exploring, I must know how many statuettes I have which if I could remember I think have more than 50,000 statuettes because the place was very popular back then. If I could I would have my revenge on Athena and Poseidon for what they did to me. I almost forgot I need to tell him that he will be a daddy. Shhh!!! Someone is coming!! “Hello, is anyone here?” “Yessss! What do you need?” “Do you know where medusa secret lair is?” “Yessss!” “What is your name?” “My name is Persus.” “Interesting.” Why do you need medusa?” “Because I am in debt of the king and I have to pay him her head.” “You want directions.” “Well, there is no need for directions because you...
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