Greek Gods: Myths and Fables

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Cody Dyker
Mr. Donovan
Social Studies 10
14 November 2012
Aether, God of Light
The term mythology can refer to the study of myths, which are sacred narratives usually explaining how the world or humankind came to be in its present form, or even a traditional story that was usually about the gods and their accomplishments. The Greeks in this case have believed in over two hundred gods, and were known for the myths and fables the Greek society contained. In Greek society death was not a glorious thing, the dead were considered helpless, pathetic, and a disgrace. Terrible sinners that died were brought to either three regions of where the dead would end up going based on if they were religious or not, and if they sinned or were good Samaritans. The three regions of afterlife were hades, Tartarus, and Elysium. Hades was the universal destination of the dead in Greek religion until the latter half of the 5th century BCE. Hades was a cold, damp and dark realm that was guarded by the god of the same name. The gates of Hades were guarded by the fearsome hound Cerberus, who wags his tail for new arrivals but does not allow anyone to leave. Without proper burial, one cannot enter the gates of Hades, The River Styx is the boundary between earth and Hades, and must first be passed to reach the underworld. Tartarus was the deepest region of the underworld, lower than Hades. It has been a myth that it would take an anvil nine days to fall from heaven to earth and another nine to fall from earth to Tartarus. Some especially wicked characters have been imprisoned in Tartarus to be punished. It is where Sisyphus who is a thief and murderer, and now must repeatedly push a boulder up a hill for eternity, and Lxion, who killed his father-in-law, is attached to a flaming wheel, and where Tantalus is kept just out of reach of cool water and grapes for sharing the secrets of the gods with humans. Tartarus is also where monsters and other enemies have been cast after being...
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