Greek Empire

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Thousands of years ago, in a time of war, conquering, and empires. One of the greatest and most noteworthy of the empires was ancient Greece. Greece became an empire because of its geography, economy, and social aspects of its society.

Greece developed at an alarming rate because of the area and terrain. Greece developed with only one land border. This let them focus on things other than defense. The surrounding area is all ocean giving them humidity and great fishing. The sea acted as a great source of food and resources which drove their economy.

The Greeks became a wealthy and powerful nation because of their economy. Trade in Greece was especially beneficial to the economy. The Greeks traded anything they had for anything that they needed, or in their case wanted, such as Exotic food, other worldly technology, and amazing new things that peak the Greeks’ interests. With Greeks everywhere, many wars broke out and many prisoners were taken. Although morally wrong, slavery is great for the economy. Because of slavery, the Greeks did not have to do any hard labor and had more thinking time.

Socially, the Greeks were brilliant. They made advancements of epic proportions. Greeks successfully calculated the diameter of the earth and knew it was a sphere. They pondered social interactions and utopias. They understood in great detail the human body. In conclusion the Greeks were set up for success and used every bit of opportunity to their advantage. The Greeks advanced greatly from their economy, social lifestyle, and geographical surroundings.
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