Greed and the Seven Deadly Sins

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Joseph Pritt
English 101
Mr. Pertry
February 27 2011
Three Deadly Sins of Greed
Greed is one of the most deadly sins and there are three forms greed. Greed is the most committed sin in the world we see everyday a person wanting more money, power, or goods. This sin is one of the most commonly depicted sin in the world the make movie, TV shows, and songs about this sin. Shows like American Greed describe people that commit this sin almost everyday people like Henry Jones, Albert Gonzalez, and Scott Rothstein these people committed this sin everyday of their life to so many people and hurt them so much that they are now in a hole they will never climb out of in their lifetime. Greed for Power

This type of greed if for power over something or someone in the upmost way of any form of ruling. The kings of a country would be a prime example of this kind of greed; King George III would be a great example of this type of greed. He was king during the American Revolution; he fought so hard to keep control over the American colonies that drove him insane. The American people fought back to gain the power to govern their own country. We see in history that almost every country in history fought for power to govern themselves. In this since of greed everyone in history has the greed of power everyone wants the power that no one ever keeps.

Greed for Money
This form of greed is the most commonly seen through history; every period in history you will see a person that has this greed of money in many forms. Bill Gates is a prime example for this type of greed; he in his life would buy a program and then would take this program and turn it in to what we know as Window DOS and then in to the Windows operating systems. This idea that Bill had made him millions; he turned a deal he made for $50,000 in to millions making him one of the riches people on earth. But, still he wants more money to fund his lifestyle that he is so use to living. Greed for Goods

This type...
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