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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Fishing for Fun
The sun was hid above the foggy ocean clouds at late-morning and the eerie ocean mist surrounded the boat. I glanced upon the vast deep blue ocean and heard the siren like wails of the seagulls flying overhead, following us, hoping to feast their eyes upon a fish. I was not feeling well and I had the desire to end this odyssey. As I was waited, my eyes wondered, my mind and body grew weary of the rocking boat. Back and forth it swayed, making me more seasick. Every time I woke up, after being hypnotized by the rocking boat, the running waves and the endless grey sky, my stomach forced me to barf out all my still digesting food into vast ocean. My fishing pole was cast down deep on the ocean floor and stuck to the steadfast boat, as I left it there waiting, in hope for a tug. It was written in my head, that I had still many more things to learn and new things to experience, no matter how harsh the condition may be. Dawn stretched her fingers and pulled the sun out of its sleep. Already 5:30 a.m.. The sirens of my alarm went off, driving me out of my comfort. I rose and fixed my bed then quickly tried to wake up my younger brother who was in another room. “Wake up Jared. We have to go soon,” I whispered, trying not to wake up my other little brother, who was sleeping on the same bed. We both woke up and swiftly went downstairs to eat our early morning meal. My dad, who was also awake, said “Dress up and eat quickly. We have to go to San Francisco, for your deep-sea fishing trip.” I was excited to go on this new fishing experience. I had only fished in a small lake before, but never at an ocean. We soon arrived to San-Francisco and parked near the port, where we waited for the other voyagers’ arrival, hoping they can be as swift as Hermes.

Many arrived at 7:00 a.m. They were all youth, and some were police officers who decided to accompany us and mentor us on how to fish at sea. Among the youth was a familiar face.
“Edwin?” I asked in...
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