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Essay A
The M’Choakumchild School in Coketown, England was one of the most gloomy and depressing contributions to the character of Coketown itself. M’Choakumchild School was originally called St. Mary’s School, but after nuns were found guilty of choking and abusing students, the town decided to change the name. The residents of Coketown had very mixed reactions to this name change. Some were delighted to see some form of punishment on the nuns, and some were horrified at the impression it left on the town. Coketown, England is one of the most bleak and forlorn towns in the country. Many English believe the name of the M’Choakumchild School and events that went on there are the reasons behind the reputation of Coketown. Still to this day, the atmosphere in the town is oppressive, as if the demeaning nuns still roamed the town, awaiting a child to torture. Recently, the town council of Coketown ordered the teardown of the M’Choakumchild School. Once demolished, the lot will become a park for the people of Coketown to enjoy. Rumors throughout the town have it that the name of the lot will forever be M’Choakumchild, whether there be a school or a park. The memory of the tragedies that happened and the significance of the M’Choakumchild name is simply too severe for the residents of Coketown to forget. Forever will the town be known as “the town with the ‘choaking’ nuns.” Essay B

Coketown, England and San Antonio, Texas, USA are extremely different towns in the Northern Hemisphere. Coketown is an industry town, full of black and grey dreary buildings. Depression is evident through the area. San Antonio, however, is full of brightly colored buildings and blue skies that light up and brighten up the atmosphere. People in the area of San Antonio are generous, lively, and free spirited. Unquestioning, monotonous people occupy Coketown. Everyone in Coketown lives in a state of melancholy madness.

The general feeling and atmosphere of the two towns are vastly...
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