Great Influence of Grandparents

Topics: Grandparent, Family, Primary education Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: March 12, 2012
"MY GRANDPARENTS MY ROLE MODEL" Grandparents are an important part of every child's life, because they can give valuable and positive directions. Their unconditional love, warm, and strong bond they had with their grand children helps to the growth of a child as it has on me. I am opporturned to have two of my grandparents when l was growing up and they all influence my life in one way or the other ,but my paternal grandparents influence my life more greatly . They always request that my parent bring us, myself and my siblings to their home during weekends and holidays. My constant visit and their unconditional love to me made me become fond of them and l opted to stay with them and l started living with them when l was attending primary school and college , a period of twelve years . When l think back to these years when i was living with my grandparents, l think about all of my wonderful memories and directions giving to me by my grandparent. Often wish to go back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler . sometimes l think it too much, knowing l cannot return . Yet there is still one place l can count on to take me back to that state of mind, my paternal grandparent house, and a land l love so much a remote village (Ogbunike) in Nigeria. Their house was old , my grandparents and l lived in it . It was painted cream with dark brown tremming, but most of the paints was chipped away Grandpa and grandma as i fondly call them are my icons . My grandpa was born in 12th January, 1916 into a family of five, all men he was the third son , ten years older than my grandma. He was educated by the missionaries and worked as post master in post office, while my grandma was a petty trader. My grandpa did not go further in after completing his primary education, he vowed that all his...
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