Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Thesis Paper

Throughout the novel Great Expectations by Charles dickens, Pip’s character goes through the journey of coming of age. Pip has a mysterious benefactor named Abel Magwitch who is a convict. In the process of giving Pip money, Magwitch influences him in many different ways. Even though Pip is asked to steal food for Magwitch when they first meet, Pip comes to a better understanding of Magwitch and his actions. As Pip comes of age, Magwitch aids him the most by causing him to accept the different social classes and become independent.

When Pip receives his great expectation, he thinks he is superior to anyone below his social status, but Magwitch makes him see there is really no difference in classes. As Pip comes of age, his benefactor was kept a secret until Magwitch says, “Yes, Pip, dear boy, I’ve made a gentleman on you” (319). Pip’s response is, “O no, no, no … Never, never! … O Estella, Estella!” (321). The tone in Pip’s voice when he reacts is very powerful because of repetition. He is not able to keep in the frustration within him, which makes Pip express his inner feelings many times. The tone shows that Pip doesn’t want Magwitch to be his mysterious patron. Since Magwitch is a convict, and is considered to be of low class, Pip does not accept the fact that Magwitch was his mystery benefactor. Pip implies that he wants someone higher in class to supply him money by saying Estella twice, who is very high in class. But as the story goes on, Pip starts to develop an understanding for Magwitch. For example, “My repugnance to [Magwitch] had all melted away, and in the hunted wounded shackled creature who held my hand in his, I only saw a man who had meant to be my benefactor, and who had felt affectionately, gratefully, and generously, towards me with a great constancy through a series of years. I saw in him a much better man than I had been to Joe” (446). When Pip comes to visit...
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