Greasy Lake Compare to a&P

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The stories “A&P” and “Greasy Lake” are similer to each other due to the fact that they both are about a young man still trying to figure out what they plan to do with there life, they both feel that rebellion is cool, and they both learn a lesson threw there rebellious acts. Both charactors are the age of nineteen. This is a time of life when you start to experience some new freedoms. Most of your friends own and can drive cars so you are no longer bound by your parents and the bus to get you to points a and b, You can buy cigarrets, see a R rated movie in theaters. This is also a coming of age time when you are pressure to find out what you plan to do the rest of your life. Other adults start to look at you as your equill instead of looking down on you. So mabey it’s the combination of the freedom and the pressure of growing up that most teenagers tend to rebell at this age. This is what the two stories are about in my oopinion two teenagers growing up who think it might be cool to rebell. How ever there choice to rebell gets them both into a conflict that they regret getting themselves into. The story “A&P’s” conflict is a little more mild. It involves our main character Sammy who works as an casheer at a grocery store reletivley close to a beach, when two girls in bikines walk in. as they are checking out the store mager Lengel confronts and embarised them a little. As they are leaving Sammy decides to quit his job to impress the girls and rebell against Lengel attitude a little as well. Sammy is given a chance to take back what he said but he decides to stand by his original statement and accept the concinquences. When he goes outside he finds the girls are gone and Sammy now had explain to his parents why he was our of the job. Dispite how you feel about Sammys reasons for quiting his job. Its hard not to admire him for sticking to his word and following threw with his actions. The conflict in “Greasy Lake” is a little more graphic it involves a group of...
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