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English 11
Personal Essay
“The Loss of a Loved One”
The stillness of your beloved grandmother’s face was frightening. She looked almost like a porcelain doll. You saw your beloved lying in the casket wearing her favorite suit, her hair and makeup done up nicely. This was goodbye. Your grandmother has now reunited with her husband who died almost twenty years earlier, in the eternal happiness called heaven.

Though you know that all of the pain and suffering your grandmother endured has ended, it is still hard for you to picture what life will be like without her. You are forced to go on with your life with your loved one only alive in your heart. In a way, it seemed like your grandmother was dead for a while. She had a stroke, and was scared and confused. Her life was a mix of a horrible fantasy and a long lost reality. In this way the bubbly, loving and full of life grandmother you grew up with was gone. Once someone is dead, it is frighteningly final. It doesn’t seem real that she is no longer breathing, no longer thinking, living, or doing. She has reunited with the loved ones you have lost in the past. Living your whole life with someone, you become used to her presence. Once that is gone, you will never truly get over the fact that she is deceased. All you have are the memories that you two have shared, all of the fun times and the hard times. At one point you may feel like you should be out at a lovely restaurant while your father and grandmother start to debate about who should pay the tab.

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Grandma, though, always won and paid for her family. You may also feel that you should be staying up late playing card games like blackjack or poker. You remember how you would laugh and share the memories of your dear grandpa who had no luck at blackjack when he was the dealer. The next time you go on a long car ride to New York, Montreal or Cape Cod, you might feel that you should be...
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