Grading System : a Step Forward

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  • Published : July 13, 2011
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I'm here to discuss on the topic: Grading system a boon or bane. Grading system has been a great step forward in the educational reforms in India. It has helped to realize the real potentials of a child rather than categorizing them based on just marks. Grading system can contribute to overall development of a child rather than just improvement in academic performance. It helps the child concentrate on topics such as sports, games, confidence on stage and other co curricular activities. It has also reduced the cut throat competition among high scorers which was unhealthy as most often the one who came first became the winner and the next one who differed only by half mark or so turning out to be a loser. This was unhealthy as the child who came second feel that he is inferior to the one who came first. Grading system reduces the stress and anxiety of appearing for a competitive examination and thus causing a steep fall in student suicide rates. The awarding of grades considerably reduces the inter examiner's and intra examiner's variability in assessment. Statistical studies has found that there is a variability in awarding of scores by each examiner to an extent of about 15%. Though the marking system may counter this with answer keys awarded, yet there exists irregularities from examiner to examiner as the manner of presentation which an examiner likes varies. grouping students of similar potential to bands can reduce the irregularities in assessment techniques. Grading system can thus prove good for the educational system as it distinguishes between a real student performer and an academic performer.
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