Topics: Indirect tax, Accounts receivable, Invoice Pages: 3 (321 words) Published: January 1, 2013
(a) What is rule of accounting?

(b) What is difference between Imprest Ledger and Vendor Ledger?

(c) Revenue ticket should be stamp more than Rs. _________

(d) Physical cash should be tally with _______Cash Book____

(e) What is bank Reconciliation A/c?

Difference between bank pass book & Organisation Cash Book

(f) Describe journal entry for purchase of raw material with 5% vat charge by the register dealer?

(g) What is C-form and F-form?

(h) What is difference between Tax Invoice and retail Invoice?

(i) What is meaning of GRR and how to prepare?

(j) Describe journal entry for purchase of office furniture with 5% vat charge by the register dealer?

(k) Where does TDS payable & receivable appear in the books of accounts?

(l) Whether TDS will be applicable on payment to mobile service provider like idea, reliance and what TDS rate will be applicable

(m) Whether TDS is applicable on transporter or not and which rate will be applicable on without providing of PAN card?

(n) What is meaning of TCS and TCS Rate on scrap sale

(o) How to identify of assesses status through PAN card

(p) What entry will be generate if scrap sale to party?

(q) What excise rate will be applicable to supply to SEZ

(r) What type of parameter should be checked in invoice before credit of service tax (any Three?)

(s) Describe about which excise records use for day to day working

(t) Can be available service tax credit on outward freight from place of removal to dump/Depot.

(u) Revised Service Tax Rate and effective date from

(v) Revised Excise duty rate and effective date from

(w) Last date of e-return filling

Monthly VAT Return
2nd Qtr TDS return

(x) Shortly explain following words:-


Tariff Chapter item...
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