Topics: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm, Columbine High School massacre Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: February 24, 2013
supersubject of gun control has always generated a social and political debate concerning the availability and restriction of firearms within the United States. In American politics, gun control has been an intractable and one of the most controversial issues. Repeated surveys and opinion polls have found that a majority of Americans believe the constitutional right to own a gun. Simultaneously, a majority also endorses stricter enforcement of prevalent gun control laws. 

Understanding Gun Control

The law that is used to decide the owning of gun is termed as gun control law, which determines whether ordinary citizens can own a gun or not. A control or restriction is required to ensure that guns are owned by people who are helpless against crime or are victims, and not by criminal-minded people. The dilemma of the law is that it can be used both ways. It can render victims helpless and make criminals out of ordinary harmless individuals.

A popular argument often raises the question about why guns are used to protect the Congress members, the President, bank guards, whereas the law prohibits commoners from protecting themselves against criminals. Some critics even term gun control as a form of people-control wherein you surrender everything you possess when you are a victim of a criminal act. According to the National Rifle Association (NRA), 25 states have adopted "your home is your castle" laws that give homeowners liberty to shoot people on their property without fear of prosecution, and only 10 states severely restrict or prohibit the carrying of firearms in public.

Around the same time last year, the shooting spree in Tucson which left six dead brought this issue into focus once again, but now after a year scant attention is paid to the issues that incident raised. According to FBI's crime statistics, in 2010, there were 12,996 murders in the US. Of those, 8,775 were caused by firearms (compared to only 600 in the U.K). Though the FBI says this...
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