Government Welfare

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Honors English III
May 22nd, 2012
Government welfare is something that is easily accessed to millions of people throughout the United States. But how many of those people actually need it? Unfortunately, when the government takes money from hard working individuals and gives the money to "needy" citizens it isn’t always 100 percent fair. Welfare is a government funded agency that provides people in need with the necessities to survive. In a lot of cases, government welfare money is going to families that really need the help and support that they need to get back on their feet. With that being said, there are still numerous amounts of cases where citizens are abusing the privileges being offered by the government. Many of these individuals don’t feel the need to go to work to earn a living since they choose to live off of their government checks. Therefore, it only makes sense that those who do not contribute to society should not get to have the same benefits hard working Americans do. Government welfare should have better rules and regulations because the system is being taken advantage of, it puts the working class at risk, and it teaches society bad work habits. There are many different ways to take advantage of government welfare even with all of the protections put in place. For example, mothers continue to have children out of wedlock just for the soul purpose of increasing the amount of money they receive on welfare checks. According to the Social Welfare Department, about $583 gets added to each welfare check per child (depending on the state). These types of statistics show that some women have serious motive to deliberately make babies to receive a larger check. Charles Murray said, “Woman…who wants to have babies… thinks that the prospect of having a baby is attractive, but so is having money to spend on themselves”. Murray clearly states one of the biggest problems with the way that welfare is regulated now; women continue to become pregnant...
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