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1. The title of the case is RONALD JEFFREY PRIBLE, JR., Appellant v. THE STATE OF TEXAS. I found this case through the Texas Courts of Criminal Appeals. In this case Prible was convicted of capital murder for intentionally and knowingly causing the deaths of Esteban Herrera and Nilda Tirado. The trial court sentenced Prible to death. Direct appeal was automatic, so Prible raised eight points of error. However it was decided that proper evidence was given for each point and each point was overruled. The judgment of the trial court was affirmed. Information stated can be found here: 2. Senator Wendy Davis, District 10. She is a Democrat. I feel a significant feature of here background is that she graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. Here is her Capitol contact information: P.O. Box 12068 Capitol Station Austin, TX 78711 Phone number: (512) 463-0110. Craig Estes is one of her staff member’s names and she is part of the Veteran Affairs and Military Installations Committee. Information stated can be found here: 3. The topic for this proposed regulation is POISON CONTROL CENTERS. The agency that proposed it is the COMMISSION ON STATE EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS. The date of this proposed regulation is November 18th 2011 with the earliest date of adoption being January 1st 2012. Information stated can be found here: 4. I chose the Texas Animal Health Commission. The purpose of the TAHC is to protect the animal industry from the effects of domestic, foreign and emerging diseases, increase the marketability of Texas livestock commodities and to prepare for and respond to emergency situations involving animals. The TAHC total appropriation request for 2011 was $14,545,556. The TAHC’s next review under the Texas Sunset Act is in 2021. I feel an important...
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