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Topics: Elections, Democratic Party, United States presidential election, 1896 Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: January 1, 2013
What is a political party? What is the difference between a party and an interest group? A political party is a group people who share the same ideas about the way the country should be governed. An interest group is more set and strict in their ideas while a party can redefine their platform. Political parties nominate candidates amd and interest groups influence parties. What are the core functions of a political party?

A function of a political party is to get elected
How are the two main parties organized?
the two main parties are organized into local, state and national government Compare two party systems to multi-party systems.
two party systems do not work together but a multi-party system how has the power of the political party declined over the years? the media has caused the power of the political party to decline What is a third party? Identify the main obstacles to third party success in US elections. a third party is any party that is not democratic or republican. their obstacles are lack of funds, recognition, getting their name on the ballot and spreading their message. Define realignment.

a major change in politics
Identify and describe four realigning periods in the history of American political parties. What coalitions make up the two major parties?
The election United States presidential election, 1800 completed the turnover of power from the Federalist Party, to the Democratic-Republican Party.(alexander hamilton to Thomas Jefferson) The 1896 campaign is often considered to be a realigning election that ended the old Third Party System and began the Fourth Party System. william mckinley vs. william jennings bryan United States presidential election of 1828 redefined the party system in the United States. The Democratic-Republicans split into the Democratic Party and the Whig Party. After 12 years of republican rule turned into 20 years of democratic rule in the United States presidential election of 1932. This was a realigning...
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