Government 2306 Essay

Topics: Bill Clinton, Law, Legislature Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: April 24, 2013
When it comes to policy regarding education both the legislature and governor play a major role in deciding what gets passed and what does not. The House and Senate must hear the bill before being voted on. If the bill passes then it goes on to the governor where he has the option to pass it as legislation or veto the new law. When it comes to determining who has more power in this situation, most might say the governor because he has the final say on the matter. I am not most and believe that the legislature has the most power when it comes to education policies. The legislature has to see the bill through before it gets to the governor, controls the flow of money, and has a very close connection to the lieutenant governor.

For a new bill regarding education, or anything for that matter, to become a law, it must first be presented and heard by the legislature. This requires a congressman or senator to propose the bill and get it to be heard during a session. Without this one crucial step no law or reform can be passed. Both the house and the senate must pass the bill through before it gets to the governors desk. If the bill fails to get through one of the houses then it ceases to exist. If the law does make it to the governor’s desk and he simply ignores it, it still goes in to effect after ninety days due to the constitution. The governor simply cannot be the most powerful player if he does not even get a chance to use his powers.

The power of the purse gives the legislature control over the flow of money to the various government agencies. This control allows the legislature to add or withhold funds from any agency as long as the proper procedure is followed. If the legislature wants to kill an agency altogether then they simply cut all of the state funding that was paying the salaries of the employees and keeping the agency itself running. The legislature can also punish by setting certain terms for the money that they supply to the agencies on what the...
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