Gossip Breaks, Takes and Destroys!

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Friendship, Knowledge Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: September 8, 2009
Gossip breaks, takes and destroys!

Gossip is dangerous it can break your friendship, relationship, take away the truth... you name it! The lips of women normally gossip the most! I have to admit that after my “gossip experience”. I want to stay as far away from gossip as a prey will stay from its predator.

It all started in a simple way when a new girl in my class looked at me as if she was the princes and I am her maid. There was a funny expression on her face, little have I known that she had a problem with breathing and suffered from pain.

It was like a “gossip bubble” that exploded, when my friends said that she was a rich and spoiled girl. So me and my big mouth thought we new better and gossiped together with my friends about her. I could have made a perfectly new friend instead I made another enemy.

It turns out that the girl landed in the hospital with a kidney stone. With a few words in a get-well card, I thanked her for helping me discover that gossip is a life experience that should be avoided as far as possible!

That day I have realized how harmful gossip can be and I have learned a good lesson. Gossip was from then on like a personification of a twister that just breaks, takes and destroys, without thinking what the consequences would be. If that is the case I rather not be part of it…
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