Gospel of Wealth

Topics: Wealth, Distribution of wealth, Capital accumulation Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Carnegie talks about the issue of proper distribution of wealth among the population. He admits that currently there is uneven distribution of wealth among the masses and goes on to explain how the change has come to be. Changes in the way goods were produced are partly responsible for this change. In the past, goods were produced in small quantities, which inevitably led to high prices and very little business. However, this began to change by the inventions of scientific age and big machines helped in mass production of goods, which allowed higher quality goods at a lower price. The buying power of the general public has increased along with the commerce resulting in the creation of great wealth. The few people who control the mode of production end up with large percentage of this wealth, thus effectively creating a gap between the rich and poor. Now there are two classes of people and there is often rift between them. But there is little to gain from dwelling on the differences, instead we must accept this fact and welcome it. The changes have been more beneficial than harmful to the human race. Now we must focus on proper ways to spend the wealth so that it benefits all. There are mainly three modes of distribution of wealth: leave it for the family, give it to the public or administer it during their lifetime. Carnegie proposes a hybrid of the second and third mode of distribution of wealth. The rich should administer it during their lifetime for public purposes and must do it wisely, keeping in mind not to squander it on unworthy causes. They should strive to help those who help themselves. Instead of wasting the wealth to give fish to men, the wealth should be spent to teach the people how to fish. This method will have greater rewards in the long run and help alleviate poverty. All of these will help solve the rift between the classes and lead to harmony, while also bringing great fame and respect for the pursuer of this hybrid mode. The article presents...
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