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Hrothgar’s Wisdom.. Beauwolf’s Demise
I make out the speech as a foreshadowing of what was about to happen. Not that the author made the story where he hinted what was about to happen, it was more like Hrothgar made that speech to indicate to Beauwolf that he shouldn’t become cocky or too arrogant because that is usually tagged with becoming a king. Some people saw it as significant event that Hrothgar could tell some thing like Beauwolf letting his “pride” get in the way and fighting the dragon happen. However I believe Hrothgar did not make a miraculous prediction or dp anything spectacular by indicating Beauwolf would die in battle “Your piercing eye will dim and darken; and death will arrive; dear warrior, to sweep you away”. I believe he just knew what he was saying from probably experiencing or hearing about past kings/soldiers, and about when he was young, how in wartime he would fend off many soldiers and armies with his spear and sword “….in wartime with spear and sword against constant assaults by many tribes”, and him growing old shows that strength and power should not be taken for granted, and should not give you over confidence, because no man is immortal, and eventually their body will grow old and weak. I believe it had a HUGE role in the poem because I believe that was the whole message or life lesson to be learned from the poem, that no one is immortal, and strength and speed will go as we age but our wisdom will continue expanding. I believe the whole point Hrothgar is trying to make is cockiness, pride, strength, speed, love, and loyalty all have a huge factor in becoming king or a higher power, and if one does not know how to control these factors, it would be the downfall of them.
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