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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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W3A1 Discussion Questions
Raymond Carter
South University

1. Compare and contrast each of the organizational structures from your reading.
There are two organizational structures mentioned in text; Hierarchical Organizational Structure and Organic Organizational Structure with two possibilities of their structures being one of that of vertical or horizontal.

The hierarchical organizational structure consists of a “set of formal task and formal relationships” (Daft, 2012). The military is an example of a form of hierarchical organizational structure. It is a structure that is clearly stated of “powers and authority and with a developed bureaucratic control system” (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). This control system instills power and authority through rules, policies, programs and training manuals (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012).

In comparison, a hierarchical organizational structure as with an organic organizational structure, they both possess upper levels of management that are responsible for making “major decisions” (Wk3, Lec. Sum., 2012).

Organic organizational structures, although are similar in comparison to hierarchical organizational structures in the since of upper management making key decisions, there are many differences in contrast to the hierarchical organizational structures (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). Most large organizations tend to be organic due to the complexity of technology that have more emphasis on detailed work being assigned and to who, and who will concentrate more on “decision – making authority” (Zanzi, 1987).

In a hierarchical organizational structure continuum, “taking risk” is not encouraged as it could mean the life or death of someone (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). However, in the organic organizational structure, risk are taken every day and in fact are commonly encouraged (Wk3, Lec. pg. 2, 2012). 2. If you were to choose one structure in which to work, which would you choose and why?

I believe I would choose the hierarchal...
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