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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Homework #2: Goods, Services, and Operations Management
Written By: Tamara Ellis
Prof. Samuel A. Garwon
MGMT 480 – 002
March 6, 2013

1. Explain why a bank teller, nurse, or flight attendant must have service management skills. How do the required skills differ for someone working in a factory? What are the implications for hiring criteria and training? Service-providers need technical/operations skills plus human interaction and marketing skills. A bank teller, for example, must be able to complete many types of financial transactions and operate the computer and associated software. The teller must also interact with the customer in a pleasant way, be in a location convenient to customers and market other financial services (cross-sell, up sell, etc.). A factory worker focuses on technical/operations/production skills; they have no or little interaction with customers, being that they can be located on the other side of the globe; as long as goods are delivered to customers in a timely fashion. The training for service-providers is more interdisciplinary compared to factory employees. 2. Why is process thinking important in operations management? Thinking of yourself as an “operations manager” for your education, how could process thinking improve your performance as a student? Process thinking is important since processes describe “how work gets done and objectives are achieved”. Processes are the means by which goods and services are produced and delivered. Using the key processes (value creation, support, and general management) as a student this will improve my performance in studying, test taking, time management, etc. With using process thinking, I will focus on the first tasks given from my instructors and completing them rather than procrastinating. I also will purchase my school needs (paper, pens, books, and calculator) earlier, and use the support process such as tutoring; to ensure my knowledge of certain subjects. 3. Do you...
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