Goodnight Mr Tom

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Goodnight Mr.Tom Comparing The Book And The Film

In my opinion the book and movie are more different rather than similar. I prefer the book more than the movie because it is more descriptive and exciting. Normally some people read the book first before the movie so they can understand it and I am sometimes like that. The movie is kind of confusing because it skips important parts and mixes the character profiles a bit. Another reason I like the book better is because in the book you can read people's thoughts but in the movie you don't know what is going on in their mind. I noticed between the book and movie many differences too many to type. So I decided that I would round it down to 6 differences and 3 similarities. DIFFERENCES;

1) In the book, when Willie's mom summons him back to London, Willie's mom lives in an old, broken down apartment with no electricity. In the movie, when Willie comes home, he enters a lit up, standard apartment. I prefer the book description, because all the neighbours think that the apartment is abandoned, and the description in the book shows that, whilst in the movie, the neighbours would hear noises coming from the apartment which would show that it was not abandoned. 2) Also, another thing I have noticed is that the movie didn't exactly show Will and Zach's relationships together compared to the book. The movie had left out Will and his friends playing a lot and having meetings. So when Zach had died, It was a bit weird that Will was very upset for Zach's death because it was like they don't really know each other well. I prefer the book because it show how Will's and other peoples' relationships develop as the time flies 3) The third thing I noticed is, in the book it told us that when Mrs. Hartriage had her baby she didn't teach anymore but in the movie when she had her baby she still came and taught. I like the book better because I think the movie doesn't really make sense. Mrs Hartriage had her baby and if she...
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