Goodnight and Goodluck

Topics: Edward R. Murrow, Joseph McCarthy, McCarthyism Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: May 25, 2013
AP American Literature
Period: 7
A Good Night and Good Luck Movie Review
“Good night and good luck,” Murrow states. Murrow’s jaw tightens. The lights go out. “And we are out.” Mr. Friendly exclaims. There is an intense silence in the room. Everyone’s body quenches and are expecting a call from viewers, any call, at least one. The phones are silent. In everyone’s head everyone is questioning if they did something wrong, if they are going to lose their job, if this was a bad idea, if the viewers were now against the CBS station. Panic starts to lurk the room. “Should I turn the phones back on?” A voice in the back asks. A sudden relief sweeps through the room. He turns them on and the newscasters answer the phone eagerly.

Good Night and Good Luck is a movie directed by George Clooney. The rating for this movie is 7.6 out of 10. It was released in October 14th, 2005. Good Night and Good Luck is set in the 1950’s where the US opposed Communist countries on the account of a nuclear threat. Any behavior that was found suspicious or led to assume that someone was against the USA was taken seriously. Extreme paranoia was spread throughout the USA because being accused as a communist or a communist sympathizer was the worst thing that could happen to a person at this time. Everyone was scared to associate, to speak, to defend, because they did not want to be accused as a communist. This ties in with the theme of the movie which is that paranoia silences people and makes them forget from what is right and wrong. Joseph McCarthy was Senator of Wisconsin and he was abusing his power as senator. He spread terror across the American nation. No one wanted to become his enemy because when someone was accused by him, they would become “blacklisted”. Those accused would affect their family members by them being accused also, a never ending chain reaction. Some main characters of this movie are David Strathairn starring as Edward R. Murrow, who is the broadcast...
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