Good Samaritan

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  • Published : March 7, 2011
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The Good Samaritan Law should be in all jurisdictions requiring all individuals to help another if he or she is able. The Good Samaritan Law which ensures the safety of someone from being prosecuted for helping someone in need of help as long as they did not act in a negligent way. If this law was in every jurisdiction it would help out everyone.

There are people out there every day who try and help others. However, there are some out there who will not help because they are afraid they will get sued just from helping out. This is not what the United States needs. We need some assurance to help us in case we are around when an emergency happens so that we are protected when we do help.

One of the things in the State of Kansas is that if you are CPR and First Aid trained you have to help when an emergency arises. However, we have to ask for permission before we proceed with helping someone. Therefore, the outlining picture is that all jurisdictions in the United States should have a Good Samaritan Law or the same law.

This will ensure that people will be protected so that they will be willing to help others in a time of need. Doing random acts of kindness do not require the Good Samaritan Law unless something happens that is drastic. But other people will be more willing to help out as long as they know they will not get sued for helping.
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