Good Country People

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Response Reading For “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor

One thing that I’ve learned for sure is that most of the famous writers (so far, that is) have died at an early age. I see in her bio that O’Connor was one of them. Ok here we go; I see that I am in for a bizarre climax. [1] Well now, Mrs. Freeman, she sounds like a stubborn person to me, one who hates to admit when she’s wrong. She sounds just like my mother-in-law. I wonder what was considered “important business?”[6] I wonder what happened to Joy’s leg. Sounds to me that Joy and her mother don’t get along very well; I wonder what put a strain on their relationship?[6] Wow, only fifteen, pregnant, and married. I wonder why Mrs. Hopewell said that Glynese and Carramae were two of the finest girls that she knew. Was she really ashamed of them? After all, fifteen is really way too young to be in her position. Why would Mrs. Hopewell say that they were not trash, did she really feel that they were not? [6] Well now, I’d say that Mrs. Hopewell had a good idea to put Mrs. Freeman in charge of everything, considering that she’d make her business anyway. Yet I still have to wonder, would she of still hired her if there had been someone else to hire? [6] Wonder why Mrs. Hopewell thought that her daughter would be better off if she did not have a Ph.D. Was she embarrassed that her daughter was a Philosopher? Seems to me that she thought her Ph.D. was useless. [6] Is it because she lacks common sense. [3] I wonder, did Joy change her name to Hulga to piss off her mother or did she really feel that she deserved to have an ugly name? [6] It looks like Mrs. Hopewell did think that her daughter didn’t lack a grain of sense. [6] I wonder what Joy meant when she asked her mother do you ever look inside and see what you are not? Wonder what Mrs. Hopewell meant or what did O’Connor want us to think about science wishes to know nothing about nothing? [3] It sounds like Mrs. Hopewell...
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