Going Into the World

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  • Published : January 26, 2013
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rldTexts convey the challenges and rewards face by individuals coming into the world. A Person moving into a new phase of life it can result in growth to a new sense of maturity and development for the specific person. This is evident in the Bildungsroman texts “Billy Elliot” (2000) by Stephen Daldry and “Ranger’s Apprentice: the Ruins of Gorlan” by John Flanagan which is highly effective in showing rewards and challenges faced when overcoming obstacles. The challenges in Billy Elliot spring from both his home world and his secret world of dance. These challenges can be either the physical trials that block the way forward or an emotional barrier that cause the person to grow as an individual. These challenges are parallel to ones facing Will the protagonist of Ranger’s Apprentice. These two texts look at the similar challengers that are presented in each text but are unique to each person that leads to changing perspectives while successfully traveling into a new phase of life.

The idea of wanting to belong and personal identity are consistently challenged when moving into the world. This is shown throughout Billy Elliot Through the character Billy himself and is evident the most in the scene where Billy is at boxing while ballet is using the other half of the hall. Mis em scene is used to effectively portray the colliding of worlds that is the catalyst for Billy. The use of juxtaposition of the costumes effectively emphasises the contrast between Billy’s world and the world which he wishes to occupy. This can be seen with the close up on the ballet shoes and Billy’s boxing boots. This shows how different the two worlds are compared to each other where one is the higher educated and upper class and the lower workers class world Billy inhabits. This technique reviles the new world which Billy feels accepted because of the dance and the idea of escaping his personal beliefs to conform to socially accepted attitudes of violence and sexual stereotypes. To move...
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