God vs. Evil

Topics: God, Book of Genesis, Garden of Eden Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: May 26, 2013
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God vs. Evil
In the beginning God created, and it was good. The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Creation story all begin with the light, the Word, and God’s opinion of it all being “good”. Evil is not introduced into the story until Genesis 3 when Eve and Adam took the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and ate. Their eyes were opened to the nakedness of each other and to the understanding of what is good and what is bad. This was not something God had intended, yet it was an act that invited Evil into the existence of humankind, an act that bore consequences still inherent in human existence today. God, like Adam and Eve, suffered consequences. Genesis 3:14-17, God says: “Because you did this…” referring to the serpent who tempted Eve, then to Eve, and finally to Adam, “Because you did…” Humankind invited the existence of Evil into the goodness of God’s creation. No longer did God walk in the breeze of the Garden of Eden; no longer did God remain in the actual presence of humankind. No longer did Adam and Eve enjoy the comforts of the Garden, like God, they too were cast out. With their newfound awareness and understanding, Adam and Eve were sent into the reality of all else outside of the Garden. Where other humans and animals did not know God, they did not obey God. Adam and Eve became the first Creation of good to endure the duality of Good and Evil. It was the existence of Evil which made its home in the world outside of the Garden. Natural evil took its rightful hold upon the wonder of the earth before God’s children lived in its presence. The cause of suffering Adam and Eve were innocent to, and yet the grey clouds of cognizance beckoned their attention. It was an actuality quickly seen and felt upon entry. The eating of the Tree of Knowledge instilled wisdom fit for the gods came with a responsibility God was not ready for. As creatures of God, there were consequences Adam and Eve now had to bear. Cast into...
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