Goal Line Technology Brief Report

Topics: Project management, Association football, American football Pages: 7 (2314 words) Published: March 15, 2011

Project Title:
Should goal-line technology be implemented in professional football?

The aim of this project is to provide justification for or against the introduction of goal line technology in football. Goal-line technology is a proposed technology which determines whether a ball has crossed the goal-line. Goal-line technology is yet to be implemented in a game of professional football. This is because football’s governing body FIFA have continuously declined its introduction. This decision is considered to be very controversial in the footballing community. Issues such as whether the ball had crossed the line for a goal or corner kicks keep arising.

Progress Summary
I mentioned the aim of the project in the introduction. “To provide justification for or against the introduction of goal line technology in football”. My objectives in order to meet the above aim are:

* To produce a background to the political, social and technological issues that are preventing the implementation of goal-line technology in football. * Conduct research into the problem.
* I will also produce a literature review, which will identify strengths/weaknesses in my research areas. * A set of acceptance criteria will also be produced for the problem. * I will look at various approaches that could be used to tackle the problem. * Through looking at the various approaches I will select the most appropriate one to apply. I will then be able to produce recommendation for FIFA who are considering goal line technology but are put off by various political, social, technological and economic issues. * Conclusions and recommendations can then be drawn based on an overall analysis. I will then be able to show that I have met the aim of the project and the activities that need to be done.

Articulation of problem
The problem of whether goal-line technology should be implemented is a big issue in the present day. However, it is important to look at football, in general, in order to gain a better overall understanding of what is causing the issues/controversies. Through looking at football with an open mind and identifying problem areas, it allows me to better understand the main issue of goal-line technology and the other factors which affect it in some way. The benefits to the footballing world of using goal-line technology in football matches is currently being missed out on because of the “traditional” type of management of the football federation. It is also mainly down to cost and how technically accurate the technology is. The technical cost of implementation is a big factor as if goal-line technology is to be incorporated it needs to be available to all, especially as football is seen as a globally accessible sport. When looking at problems in football, I identified that there are underlying factors which need to be addressed in order to decide on goal-line technology. Refereeing standards is a big problem in football as there different levels of consistency. Another factor is the massive amount of money involved in football. The difference between top and bottom is huge and expensive technology may be difficult for most clubs. However, major tournaments such as the World Cup have huge amounts of money thrown at them which will make it easier to implement goal-line technology. The media is another factor to consider and how they would be involved with goal-line technology. All the above factors will be investigated further throughout the project. I intend to look in detail at the refereeing structure, how referees can affect a match and also, referees opinions on goal-line technology. I feel this is an important step to take because not only would technology affect the way a match is played but it would affect the way a referee controls a match. I will investigate in detail, the technological, economic and political factors involved with the two main types of technology that are being put...
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