Go with the Flow

Topics: Money, Cash flow statement, Cash flow Pages: 3 (898 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Case 08-01: Go With the Flow, Inc.
1. Insurance Settlement Proceeds: involuntary conversion
Investing cash inflow ASC 230-10-45-16
As stated in ASC 230-10-45-12, “All of the following are cash inflows from investing activities: a. Receipts from collections or sales of loans made by the entity and of other entities' debt instruments (other than cash equivalents and certain debt instruments that are acquired specifically for resale as discussed in paragraph 230-10-45-21) that were purchased by the entity b. Receipts from sales of equity instruments of other entities (other than certain equity instruments carried in a trading account as described in paragraph 230-10-45-19) and from returns of investment in those instruments c. Receipts from sales of property, plant, and equipment and other productive assets d. [Not Used]

e. Receipts from sales of loans that were not specifically acquired for resale. That is, if loans were acquired as investments, cash receipts from sales of those loans shall be classified as investing cash inflows regardless of a change in the purpose for holding those loans. For purposes of this paragraph, receipts from disposing of loans, debt or equity instruments, or property, plant, and equipment include directly related proceeds of insurance settlements, such as the proceeds of insurance on a building that is damaged or destroyed.” Based on the principles set forth in ASC 230-10-45-12, the insurance proceeds from the destroyed building should be considered investing activities because the insurance settlement was issued to cover the loss of Go With the Flow, Inc’s building. Typically, receipt of insurance proceeds are classified under Operating Activities in the statement of cash flows but these proceeds are different since they are for the destroyed building. Under section C of ASC 230-10-45-12, receipts from property should be classified as an investing activities. 2. Sale of Accounts Recievable

Operating: asc 230-10-45-16 a...
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