Topics: Friction, Force, Normal force Pages: 48 (14530 words) Published: April 28, 2013

MEng Mechanical Engineering|
Medical Glove|
May 2013|
Dr. Roger Lewis|
Thesis submitted to the University of Sheffield in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering|

* Summary
The first item in your thesis should be a summary. This should include, concisely, the following (but not in bullet point format): * the context of the project (why you did it)
* the work carried out (what you did)
* the methods used (how you did it)
* what you found out (the results)
* what it means (the discussion)
* what you concluded (the conclusions)
This should all be included in no more than 200 words.

* Nomenclature
You may wish to include a nomenclature if you have many mathematical symbols. List the symbols in alphabetical order. Remember that your reader may not be an expert in the field of your project. In any case, symbols should be defined on first appearing in the text. Separate lists for Roman and Greek letters, subscripts and superscripts. The International System for units (SI) should be used.

The example below is formatted using a borderless table and is the easiest way to get it aligned correctly. CD| Drag coefficient|
v| Velocity (m/s)|
Vx, Vy| Velocity components in the horizontal and vertical directions, respectively (m/s)| | Density of fluid (kg/m3)|

* Contents
1.2Literature Reviews2
1.2.1Tactile Sensory2
1.2.2Psychophysical Performance; Tactile Discrimination of Textured Surfaces4 1.2.3Medical Glove6
1.2.4Problems with the TemplateError! Bookmark not defined. 1.3Using the TemplateError! Bookmark not defined.
1.4Introduction (style – ‘Heading 2’)Error! Bookmark not defined. 1.4.1Further Sub-section (style – ‘Heading 3’)Error! Bookmark not defined. 1.5Equations (style – ‘Equations’)Error! Bookmark not defined. 1.6Figures, Photographs and TablesError! Bookmark not defined. 2THESISError! Bookmark not defined.

2.1Length of the ThesisError! Bookmark not defined.
2.2Binding and Copying of your ThesisError! Bookmark not defined. 2.3Electronic Copy of your ThesisError! Bookmark not defined. 2.3.1Departmental Archive (via MOLE 2)Error! Bookmark not defined. 2.3.2TurnItIn (via MOLE 2)Error! Bookmark not defined.

2.3.3Other FilesError! Bookmark not defined.
2.4Thesis Submission Deadline and CollectionError! Bookmark not defined. 3COLLOQUIUM and VIVAError! Bookmark not defined.
3.1DateError! Bookmark not defined.
3.2FormatError! Bookmark not defined.
3.3AttendanceError! Bookmark not defined.
4PROJECT ASSESSMENTError! Bookmark not defined.
4.1Summary of AssessmentError! Bookmark not defined.
4.2Conduct of Project (20%)Error! Bookmark not defined.
4.3Thesis (50%) and Interim Report (5%)Error! Bookmark not defined. 4.4Technical Difficulty vs. Technical Achievement (5%)Error! Bookmark not defined. 4.5Colloquium and Viva (20%)Error! Bookmark not defined.

REFERENCESError! Bookmark not defined.
APPENDICESError! Bookmark not defined.

N.B. To update the TOC, right-click and select ‘Update Table’ and choose an option. *
You may wish to include an acknowledgement. Students typically acknowledge their project supervisors, project sponsor, help from PhD students and technical staff etc.

N.B. A Section Break (Next Page) is required here to allow the correct numbering of the pages – see Section 2.4.1.

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