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Dr. Housel
April 20, 2012
Nike – Hilversum, The Netherlands
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Hilversum, The Netherlands
Beaverton, OR
Beaverton, OR
Have you ever heard of the phrase “Just Do It?” Do you know what the ‘Swoosh’ is that represents Nike’s logo? Nike’s headquarters in the United States is in Beaverton, Oregon and became a mainstream sporting sales corporation in 1978. The popularity of their apparel increased when multiple athletes signed a contract to promote and wear Nike in sporting events. Since citizens in other countries thrived on Nike clothing, Nike finally went overseas to build a corporation in The Netherlands (or The Dutch); this project was complete in 1999. The headquarters is located with easy access to the train station and was the site of a former harness track and Olympic training ground (McDonough).

Nike products are sold to customers around the world. The athletic gear is made to have style and catch the eye of others. If the sales were good and there wasn’t a relapse, then why did Nike go overseas? In 2007, Nike got a lift courtesy of favorable exchange rates; a weaker dollar means greater sales abroad, as the products are priced more cheaply (Forbes). The income that Nike receives is thrived on by many features including promotions, new gear, and athletes. Both promotions and new gear have to do with buyers altering their costs to Nike for their deals and willingness to pay for the product. Athletes are the ones who sign a deal (either with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, etc…) to wear and encourage viewers to buy their apparel while participating in their sport. As Nike moved into Europe where soccer is popular, more European soccer professionals made contracts with Nike. In past years, Nike has been one of the most prolific companies to excel in overseas sales with reaching 1.48 billion dollars a year (Forbes).

As football continues to be rise in the United States, Nike sales in football equipment are doing the same. Likewise, soccer is dominant in Europe, therefore more soccer paraphernalia is being produced overseas; every corporation will produce whatever brings in the most capital. The Netherlands’ most popular sport is soccer, with the Royal Dutch League being the largest sports federation in the country with over a million players (WIKI). Following the transaction of Nike going to Hilversum, The Netherlands National Soccer Team that participates in the Olympics changed sponsors to Nike in appreciation and to support the new corporation. Viewers realized the move and sales of The Netherlands gear rose to an all-time high. Another reason why they built in The Dutch was their living standards. The Dutch prosper through life with building wealthy families and neighborhoods to provide one of the most attractive places to settle in. The architecture of Nike’s Corporate Office in Northern Europe reflects the creativity and eye-catching techniques they believe in.

When Nike went global, they made sure to adapt to the culture of The Netherlands and Northern Europe – if they didn’t and kept everything that Americans viewed as normal, employees may not feel comfortable in the workplace. Once the building was signed off, architects had already started implementing a plan to make the architecture of the new Nike European Headquarters match the unique, beautiful designs of other buildings in The Netherlands. The creative company of architects, William McDonough + Partners, has built many structures in Europe and this was their next challenge. In 1999, after years of work, the building was ready to be put to use and attract everybody in sight.

The part of culture that sports, especially soccer, plays in Northern Europe is a strong. Therefore, it’d be smart to establish grounds around the Headquarters to promote athletics; and that’s what they did. The Nike European Headquarters site was once a former harness track and Olympic training ground...
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