Global Warming International Business

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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Climate Change

Climate change has been a serious focus of the scientific community for many years. Although, more frequently in the last two decades countries are also taking a serious look at climate change. Together, developed and developing countries are forging new treaties and protocols to create a global paradigm shift in the way we handle climate change.

After analyzing the different articles in the reading I noticed a reoccurring theme in most of the articles. With the recent shifts in the weather countries have been coming together more frequently to discuss the issue. This is a positive move forward, but it seems that all that comes of the gatherings on global warming is hard promises by countries to cut back on emissions to a specified level. Unfortunately, these are only promises not formal agreements. Therefore, if a country does not come through on its promise fines cannot be levied against them as consequence for missing their goals in cutting emissions. Only when a legal document ratified by all the major emission producing countries will reductions in emissions really take place on a large scale level. Until then companies must bear the burden of climate change. Large companies must take it upon themselves to cut back on greenhouse gases and implement “green” practices throughout the company.

I found the first article by John Vidal to be particularly interesting because the view point he took on the realities of global warming. Instead of focusing on the climate aspect of global warming, Vidal focused on the economic impacts global warming would have. It is unfortunate, but often it takes a catastrophic event with casualties for people to take notice and decide to make a change. A current situation that represents this trend of action is gun control following the Newtown, Connecticut shootings. It has taken a tragedy of this magnitude to implement new laws and legislation. I fear that this situation will repeat itself with climate change....
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