Global Warming and the effect it has on our Oceans Animals

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Global Warming and the effect it has on our Oceans Animals

I often wondered what kind of effects the global warming is having on the oceans animals, being from California originally, I have heard some stories, about the seals and sea turtles being affected there somehow, but I would like to know more about the oceans animal and how they are affected. They say that many of the animals are already feeling the effects of global warming. Like the Sea Turtle. The rising temperatures and the rising sea levels have an effect on these sea creators. Climate change directly affects the reproduction of Sea Turtles in three different ways. First is the sea level rise; this can affect their nesting areas on low-level land beaches. Secondly, the rising temperatures will affect the sand, which makes it hotter and they use the sand for incubation. Third the raising temperature during incubation determines the sex, and so the sex ratio will be affected by this. Next I want to talk a little about the Polar bear, because I hear more about the Polar Bears being affected by global warming more than any other ocean animals. Polar Bears are affected by the reduction of sea ice, because this is where they go to rest and hunt for their food. Polar Bears are known to be entirely dependent on the sea ice for their survival. I also read in a 2007 report from the US Geological Service, they say that as the sea ice continues to decline, the population of our Polar Bears could decrease by two-thirds by the year 2050. Ocean life in also is also being affected by the food chain which is based upon the growth of billion upon billion of microscopic plants. There is new satellite data now the shows that the ocean warming is reducing these plants References;
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