Global Warming: An exponential threat

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  • Published : July 22, 2014
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Global Warming: An exponential threat

We currently live in a highly globalized world from every point of view (technological, scientific, cultural, economic, communicative, etc.) hence, one of the most negative effects that generated globalization has been the growing ecological imbalance that has harmed the planet. The global warming has become of the most dangerous threats and challenges to face in the 21st century. Many companies and factories are currently one of the main factors which have accelerated global warming in recent years. Mainly companies/factories who are responsible for processing raw materials (i.e. natural oil, gasoline, coal, etc) as they emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas daily. Also, due to the massive process of industrialization and planned obsolescence (buying products or technologies that last for short term) have generated immense environmental pollution in many places (i.e. rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, etc.), and even has altered and destroyed diverse ecosystems by bad management of technology that many companies have monopolized and many manufacturers supports that kind of actions in order to make huge profits in a short time. If the damage of this cycle persists for more years the climate change will get worse. The future consequences of global warming that is in fact reflected in: greenhouse effect (which have been intensified by burning fossil fuels), higher temperatures, stronger hurricanes, stronger earthquakes, stronger tsunamis, etc, could even be irreversible.

On the other hand, you can also take into account the human behavior as another factor, regarding the management of technology, like buying more commercial technology compulsively (i.e. cell phone latest fashion, latest model cars, LED TVs, etc). Of those, most have short durability and also generate a vicious consuming circle that in the end significantly deteriorates the environmental sustainability of the planet (i.e. greater pollution over...
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