Global Warming Ad

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Global Warming AD
As the sun’s harmful rays beam through the depleting ozone layer the globe begins to warm, earths polar ice caps melt and slowly start the elimination of life. This ad demonstrates the cause and effect of global warming. The world inside the lower quadrant of the hourglass is slowly getting swallowed by the sea due to the melting ice caps above. Within the hourglass there’s text stating “we are slowly running out of time, act now before it’s too late”. In the top of the hour glass a polar bear and penguin sit upon two nearly melted ice caps. The world below has cars driving into a city passed chopped down trees, and a gas station. Although the ad appears to be warning us of global warming, it’s actually warning us of our own selfishness! The ad uses three main tactics to achieve this, presentation of text, types of images, and image composition. The advertisers decided to use presentation of text in a subtle way to get their point across. The display of the text in this ad has diminutive properties. This relates to the feeling human beings have towards the situation of global warming. It indicates that we conveniently believe it’s a small issue and doesn’t need to be presented as a major problem. People avoid the truth and would rather just pass it on to the next generation to deal with. The use of this tactic helps sell the idea that we are to selfish to address the situation. Even though we have scientific evidence that global warming is happening, and that the polar ice caps are melting, people still don’t want to make it an issue. People would rather act selfish and destroy the earth then be inconvenienced and have to give up their comfortable lives. A stronger tactic used by the advertiser is the use of types of images, which provides us with further evidence. The types of images used in this ad show the advertisers point in a more straight forward manner. They use the images of street lights leading up to a city full of high-rises to...
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