Global Warming

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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A very good morning to all present .The topic of today’s debate is “Do we need zoos or not” I am here to speak in favour /against of the motion.

Animals belong in their natural habitat in the wild. It is a breach of their natural rights to take them by force into captivity for our own purposes.Life in the wild is complex, unpredictable and frequently dangerous, but it is there that wild animals have evolved to meet the challenges of survival. That is where they belong.* *Artificial environments are no substitute. Many animals suffer physically and psychologically in captivity. Most could never be released into the wild. The survival of all species requires us to change our behaviour to minimise our impact on the environment, species survival and animal welfare. We may also need to benignly manage certain wild places and wild species. However, taking an animal away from the wild to the 'safety' of a zoo is not the answer.*

1. ALL the animals that you see in zoos aren't endangered. While some argue that zoos are a means to protecting endangered species, the reality is that very few animals in zoos are actually endangered. In other words, this is really not the reason why zoos exist and so should not be put forward as a justification for them. 2. Small spaces. Animals should be treated with respect and kindness. Whatever the good intentions of zoo-keepers, animals in zoos suffer. They are inevitably confined in unnaturally small spaces, and are kept from the public by cages and bars. They suffer psychological distress, often displayed by abnormal or self-destructive behaviour. Aquatic animals do not have enough water, birds are prevented from flying away by having their wings clipped and being kept in aviaries.

3. Zoo's effect animals mentally. In nature, they consume their energy by running, walking, jumping, climbing, hunting, hiding, playing, cleaning and so on. Captive animals are extremely bored. They vent their energy...
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