Global Trends in Management: Combating the Generation Gap

Employee benefit, Competence (human resources), Diversity (business)

Global Trends in Management:
Combating the Generation Gap

In times of economic crisis, managers are always looking at ways to improve their productivity and organizational environment in order to sustain the company. Retention, however, has become a major obstacle facing the emerging leader. What exactly is causing this sudden job sprawl? A number of issues have contributed to this movement, namely the generation gap. The existence of four generations in the workforce has caused a critical disparity in the cohesiveness of business. Each characteristic generation has been shaped by individual events in history that have been a factor in their learning styles pertaining to technology, communication methods, motivational elements, job preferences and organizational culture. While each issue is steeped in a lifetime of learning and careers, they can be resolved simply by accurate understanding, effective communication, research, and acceptance. In today’s world, technology is being produced and distributed to the public faster then ever before. The radio took close to about 40 years to reach audiences around the world. Television took over a decade. As years progressed, however, this time decreased immensely. The technological achievement of the internet only took 5 years to reach its audience (Rosen, par. 1). How has this advancement in technology, though, affected the workplace? Currently, there are four generations together in the workforce. The “silent generation” is made up of those workers born before 1946. Then there are the baby boomers, born between 1945 and 1964, followed by Generation X (1965-1980). We are part of the millennial generation, or (generation Y) born from 1980-1994 (Rosen, par 3). Each of these generations has gained different experiences, values, and routines during their time in the workforce. They all think and learn quite differently, affecting how they handle new technology and life changes. However, this doesn’t mean that...
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