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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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The case study illustrate the development process of a world-wide famous wine company—BRL Hardy. As a consolidated company from BRL Company and Hardy Company the evolution of BRL Hardy endured many obstacles in terms of different culture, organization, strategy, human resource management and so forth. However a real growth can be seen in the development of BRL Hardy and the debate between headquarters from BRL and Hardy is good for company to some extent as Steve Millar put that with 70% growth, we could support the tension”. Christopher Carson, the managing director of BRL Hardy felt proud of the recent achievement for Hardy reach the top-selling wine brand in Great Britain and hold an excellent sales performance in Britain’s off-trade performance. But more effort need to approach on the road in the future as Carson mentioned that BRL Hardy should not only shape the future success of the company in Europe but also have mayor implications for BRL Hardy’s overall international strategy.

Initially the industry background has been shown by the writer. As a young industry in Australia which grew very slowly compared with other countries such as France and Italy, Australia wine industry underwent a not good situation. However after transformation of the following years a lot of wineries were established in Australia and top companies are BRL Hardy Ltd., Hardy and Houghton. Changes in global wine industry improve companies a lot for instance rationalization and consolidation among wine wholesalers and retailers and the exploiting of modern viticulture, which made Australia wine becoming a “hot trend” of industry.

Australia’s first cooperation winery was formed in 1916 called Renmano Wine Cooperation, which merged with the Berri Cooperative winery and formed BRL. Many differences can be seen from the two wineries in culture, strategy and organization, however, because of the recession-driven market the two wineries decided to merge in June 1992 and became a...
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