Global Politics Questionaire on Nelson Mandela

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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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Global Politics Questionaire on Nelson Mandela
Global Politics Questionaire on Nelson Mandela

1. The reason why Nelson Mandela was so admired as a leader is because he believed that apartheid in South Africa was wrong. As a leader he led the ANC through their struggle. Not only did he believe in this but he had the strength and the courage to go to jail for 27 years for his beliefs. People that were living in South Africa knew that what was going on was unjust be he was the soul person that united everyone and then in the face of fear he stood up for what he thought was right. I feel that he is similar to other leaders because he learned how to stand up and led a protest against the unjust. The readings say that he is greatly admired the world over for his dignity in the face of his oppressors’ behavior, and his unerring belief in doing what was “right”, no matter what the consequences. I could not agree more. 

2. I have learned that being a leader does not come without struggle. And if you believe in something not only do you have to talk about but you have to be about it. You have to also realize that the actions that you take will of consequences and you have to deal with them. 

3. He was supported in his led role by the ANC and the PAC. This was both outlawed organizations that led non-violent protest against apartheid.

4. As the circumstances changed and the times changed I feel that Nelson Mandela become more of a staple in the struggle. I think that more time that he spent in jail showed that he really believed in what he was doing and people saw that and then they took him seriously. 

Freedom Fighter Questions

1. First to be a freedom fighter you have to have a cause that you are willing to fight for with everything that you have. You have to be willing to sacrifice and be willing to give your life for what you believe in. I think the people who are willing to devote themselves to being a freedom fighter are the ones that have been...
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