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The Logistics Service Provider(LSP)
Savino Del Bene, a global logistics and forwarding company, provides its customers with a wide range of Multi-mode transportation from overnight air to ocean vessel charter services; help in-house costoms clearance, it also provide for warehousing and distribution requirements, offer advanced logistics solutions which include storage, pick & pack, distribution and more; the IT department work with customer closely, customer can access to Savino Del Bene offices either through EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange) or through our Track and Trace system

Best Practices of Logistics Service Provider

It is a logistics service provider as the company operates as a freight forwarder in a dynamic and profitable new sector. John (p154) indicated that freight forwarders are just like high-street travel agents, except that they arrange transportation for freight, not people. Freight forwarders involved a big area of activity in arranging customs clearance for freight that moves internationally(this is sometimes referred to as brokerage and encompasses not just dealing with customs agencies, but also managing all documentation that should accompany freight). With the development of regonal trade agreements increasingly freight can move freely within regions, thus obviationg the need for customs clearance for the freight. Freight forwarders have thus broadened out their product portfolio to encompass many other activities.

A freight forwarder is an organization which provides a logistics service as an intermediary between the shipper and the carrier, usually on international shipments. Freight forwarders can respond quickly to changing shipping requirements and international shipping regulations. (5


They cooperate with many other local companies or branches in different locations, so that the company can offer operating processes and procedures across all locations and countries.
Sources: Kevin Michel, "A...
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